We are trendsetters in the world of digital solutions and consumer lifestyle needs.

We see the possibilities and design solutions to enhance the digital commerce experience of consumers and businesses. What’s more, our localised understanding of the Southeast Asia markets makes us the preferred and leading e-commerce enabler.



We operate across Southeast Asia with the ability to reach more than 600 million consumers. As long as they own an internet-enabled device, we have the ability to connect with them on our platforms. When it comes to last-mile delivery, our capabilities in the logistics industry ensures that we effectively cater to customers in every corner of the region.

Enabling Ecosystem

We create ecosystems around key e-commerce domains such as games, music and collectibles, bringing consumers and content providers (game developers, music artistes, manufacturers, etc.) onto a single platform where they can interact, explore, and contribute back to the ecosystems. These allow enterprises to harness the critical mass of users flowing through the ecosystems to reach new eyeballs to gain mindshare and marketshare.

360° Payment Platform

We provide the widest range of end-to-end payment options that enables the man on the street to transact conveniently and securely. Payment channels such as e-pins, premium SMS top-ups, pre-paid cards, credit cards and online banking are just some of the many options that we support. Backed by our experience and expertise from our games cloud business, we provide a reliable platform that guards against hacking and fraud, giving our customers the peace of mind in every transaction made.


With our unique blend of 360⁰ platform solutions and vertical industry expertise, we have the ability to provide businesses with quicker access to market. Whether you are an e-commerce player looking to further innovate your business or a new entrant to the e-commerce industry, we have the capabilities to ensure faster speed-to-market, accelerating the growth of your business and ensuring that you stay ahead of the competition.

Research and Development

It takes a specialised set of skills to cultivate new technologies and spot new trends in the market. That is why Corous360 has a team of experts dedicated solely to the research, development and selection of only the best e-commerce products and services in the market.